The Sin of Stars

The Sin of Stars

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Teagan Thomson By optronix88 Updated 5 days ago

The stars are always watching. They hang over the Queendom of Tygrahva. 
They watched the Queendom rise from the ashes and dead lands.
They watched a world once made of metal erode into one of blood.
They watched a queen of death rise to sit on a throne made of bone.

Fayan is a professional ballet dancer. When the Queen takes notice in him and invites Fayan to court, he is pulled into a new deadly world. For the people around him are spiders and snakes of the worst kind.
Raia is a Priestess of the Stars. When she is sent to spy on the happenings in the Queendom she discovers truths and lies that could put the tranquillity of the realms in danger.
Myka is the best friend of the Queen. As assassins and cut-throats close in on his friend he must protect her. But as a dark and vicious side of the Queen is revealed, he must question his allegiance. 
Vittoria is wanted dead. When her parents commit treason she flees to the desolate wasteland outside Vyenna. There she joins a group of rebels and learns that to get the revenge she lusts for, mercy is not her friend. 

As tensions grow in Tygrahva the stars watch. They were said to protect the world. 
But the stars seem to sin.

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