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Child of the Wings

Child of the Wings

95.4K Reads 4.5K Votes 28 Part Story
stay-creative By stay-creative Completed

Elisa Deraener, of Shiganshina District, is a very quiet girl, always alone, always avoided, because people thought of her as the devil, merely because of her appearance. The only people who loved and cared for her were her parents, until humanity received that grim reminder. On that day she was forced to run away from the home, and family that she loved. Enraged by what had happened, she vows to avenge her parents deaths, but will she be able to handle the torture of training?
Read on to find out.

qizzyneko qizzyneko Jan 10
Bcuz he wanna fly to meet the fluffy pink unicorn that pukes rainbow and farted sparkles with little fairies waving their little flippy magical thingy
Acid_Lilac Acid_Lilac Jan 26
Oh thank god! I was thinking they were going to rape her! Now I know that getting beat up is bad but THAT is wayyyy worse
ItoMatrix ItoMatrix Jan 01
I hate judgemental people
                              Misunderstanding someone makes them change their whole perspective
                              Some are influential upon others
                              ( ̄へ ̄)( ̄~ ̄;)( ̄^ ̄)
DragonflyDance DragonflyDance 6 days ago
The mother should say that he's dead. Yes, that does seem like a harsh and nontactical approach, but it's blunt. You need to be blunt in situations like this, there is no good in going around the situation, it's either face it now or later.
Idiotic mortals
                              *is engulfed in blue flames*
                              I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN
mar27hearts mar27hearts Jan 08
Akashi's eyes are unnatural? 😞 I REALLY love his eyes especially when he was still Akashi-psycho-kun