Cast of Heroes Editing

Cast of Heroes Editing

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Sid Prime By Nightmansid Updated Mar 24

James Orion Reese was in his junior year in high school. He was an introvert nerd, trying hard too fit in with his peers. Everything was going well for him, until his world was under attack by an evil alien Saladin from another world. A mysterious alien being, known as Millennia, traveled across parallel worlds, along with Hard Drive, a half-human android, to find James and others to form a new team of heroes.  

James, Green Thunder, Hard Drive, Finder, and Millennia all had to work together and stop Saladin's quest, to collect powerful quantum stones, that would put multiple Earths in jeopardy. What James discovers, is that he is more than human with powers beyond the ordinary spectrum. 

When the fate of parallel worlds hangs in the balance, will James be able to step up and be the hero he was meant to be?

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