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To Change the Past of Our Future

To Change the Past of Our Future

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NeverStray By NeverStray Completed

Naruto has been living for a long time 
(kind of Immortal I think but something/someone can kill him) 
since the war with Madara. 

He was force to merge with Kurama in order to defeat Madara. And became the strongest tail-beast of all

For he Live to long, he got bored so he decided to travel back in time to before kyuubi attack Konoha.

With a self-appointed missions
 1) Meet My Parents
 2) Stop Kuubi
3) Eat some Ramen
4) see if Tsunade-Ba-Chan want to be Hokaga, if not then make her

"This is going to be a long ride"


The opposite of Death Metal?
                              Alive Copper
Daniella1003 Daniella1003 Aug 13, 2016
Yes, I have very shellfish ways, Muahahahahaha!!!! *eats a shrimp* OH WAIT NO!!! IM ALLERGIC TO SHRIMP!!!
naruhina_shipper_12 naruhina_shipper_12 Sep 05, 2016
Sakura: noooo naruto
                              Sasuke: noooo....I'm pregnant
                              Naruto:can't this jitsu go any faster
flutteringlively flutteringlively Mar 13, 2016
That's never going to happen because Hiroshima Kishimoto is never going to give his title I'll and my dram was crushed when I realized this **TwT**•
AJDude0214 AJDude0214 Nov 13, 2016
SPOILER:Jiraya won't be in his room cuz he died fighting pain
LotusCub19 LotusCub19 Sep 04, 2016
Oh gosh im laughing so hard at the shellfish. Best typo ever!!!