To Change the Past of Our Future

To Change the Past of Our Future

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Naruto has been living for a long time 
(kind of Immortal I think but something/someone can kill him) 
since the war with Madara. 

He was force to merge with Kurama in order to defeat Madara. And became the strongest tail-beast of all

For he Live to long, he got bored so he decided to travel back in time to before kyuubi attack Konoha.

With a self-appointed missions
 1) Meet My Parents
 2) Stop Kuubi
3) Eat some Ramen
4) see if Tsunade-Ba-Chan want to be Hokaga, if not then make her

"This is going to be a long ride"


  • adventure
  • comedy
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  • kushina
  • minato
  • music
  • mystery
  • naruto
  • past
  • sacrifice
  • sadness
  • supernatural
  • timetravel
  • trauma
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sumimachine sumimachine Nov 09
Naruto is so badaass. He just owned the ground! (´・_・`)
                              "Sorry Everyone...Thank You...And Also...Goodbye"
I thought a person could have two contracts. One for each hand.
emmuli1999 emmuli1999 May 20
...getting stabbed over and over again... This reminds me of some other Naruto fanfictions...
I wish I had all the money in the world cuz I would so buy Naruto
I saw the amount if chapters and I was like "YAAAASSS" I literally screamed🤣🤣🤣