SAVE me WILL {Will Byers x reader}

SAVE me WILL {Will Byers x reader}

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Astrid Celest By DragonForce_Astrid Completed

YN Henderson, is the twin of Dustin. They don't look alike, and YN doesn't have cleidocranial dysplasia. But the one thing they have in common, other than their genetics, is the fact that they are mega geeks. 

YN is good friends with the whole gang, but a certain Byers boy catches her eye. They grow closer as they grow older, and it's obvious that they like each other. But when Dustin and YN get into an argument, YN runs away.

And no one has seen her since, because they think she's dead.

Except that she's alive and has met the Demogorgan, the Mind Flayer, and


What happened to YN? 
Will she ever meet her family and friends again? 
And, will she and Will get together?

I don't own Stranger Things, I only own my plot tweeks and kinda own YN Henderson's character.