In no hurry to love and kill : Love

In no hurry to love and kill : Love

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What will happen if your life is always blue , what if you live Irene's life? Will you survive ?

Living in a lie has been her life, cheated, abused , enslaved, sold , toutured so what else more , that is her turning point, loved but fake , cared but fake.....

Can't understand right, that is Irene's life.


Irene is a girl of greater dreams, she tries to become one of a kind but her past is too cruel not letting  her achieve what she wants. Now she encounters a new chapter in her life by meeting her nightmare ,Lucas ,
Will Irene embrace her past?

What does he wants ? Me
Who am I to him? His doll 
Why does he want me? Cause it is a game

Started: July 12 2019
Status : Ongoing.
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