The Werecat Truth ( On Hold Until My Other Story Is Almost Finished)

The Werecat Truth ( On Hold Until My Other Story Is Almost Finished)

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_Cat_the_Psycho_ By _Cat_the_Psycho_ Updated 6 hours ago

Kiara was 9 when her parents were murdered in front of her leaving her in the care of her "Aunt Tera" but Kiara knew she really wasn't her aunt just a close family friend. Its been six years since then and when Kiara turns sixteen her life will be turned upside down. And to make matters worse the hottest and the most popular boy in school takes an interest in her. The thing is she knows he's not human but something else. The two questions on her mind about these things is Why me? and What and who is the man who killed my parents? Will she find out?


To learn more add this book to your library and start reading. I write very bad descriptions but If you want I mean. And to make this clear to some people this is my first werecat and werewolf book. And I haven't edited anything on here, but I will later on.

Warning: For mature audiances have been warned (^.^)
                                                                                                   /|   |\

Edit: to those reading this book, I'm sorry but I overloaded myself this summer and I barley have time for one book. I have to learn to play an instrument, memorize some things, work and babysit this summer.....sorry.. T^T

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_Anne__Hood_ _Anne__Hood_ Jul 12, 2016
My eyes are hazel on the inside and ocean blue around. More blue than hazel but still
16_paige_is_bae 16_paige_is_bae Dec 22, 2016
I can already tell this is going to be a good book 😁 good job
LillySilly_- LillySilly_- Jun 14, 2016
You must have watched lemonade mouth because Stella has a shirt that says question authority on it
inuaika inuaika Mar 02, 2017
Billy, chilly, dilly, filly, silly, Millie, lily, tilly, willie, gilly, skilly and Bartholomew
week123123 week123123 Aug 30, 2016
Acually I like small towns because if not defended 'city falls' and who would want to go after a small town
                              Mideaval brain
Firestormor Firestormor Feb 09, 2017
Umm I just wanted to say that at the end of the discrimination you say she has two questions but there are three because " And will she find out? " is a question she could ask herself 😊😊 just wanted to tell u and great proulage