Bruises and Bitemarks~ FrostIron

Bruises and Bitemarks~ FrostIron

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MiloisCat666 By iamlightning125 Updated Oct 19, 2015

Loki has been banished from Asgard. What happens when Tony finds him, injured and dying in an alley?

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I see a little bit of insight (now that i know whats coming) to civil war #teamCapt
This is all too obvious and out of character in my opinion. And much too are certainly trying to hard in creating sympathy for Loki here ;D
                              I like your writing style though..
Again with people screaming about the FEELZ but here's the thing, I'm a coldhearted bitch who doesn't give a fvck
The first time I read this I was like "WTF Bruce?!? You gonna kill him?!?" And then I was like "Ohh..."
This is why Steve was chosen as the leader! Captain if you will!