Juliet (Unfinished Novel)

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Delaney By ColorOfLove Completed
What happens when a small town girl from America moves to a private school in London?  Follow Juliet Rowling as she experiences love, finds out who she really is, allows her music passion to grow, and attempts to survive a school that she isn't welcomed to.  :) <3
    *Not going to continue writing this.  I am sorry to my readers. *
I was listening to Read All About It when I was reading this and it made me cry s oo hard and plus its pouring outside
The first thing that came to my mind when I first found this book was, "Hey, that's J.K Rowling's surname!" But overall, THUMBS UP!
This is great. I'm really sad right now but I know this story is great!
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!am sooooo excited about what will happen!!!!!!!pleaseeeee continue!!!!!!!!!!
i love it its so awesome but in a heartbreaking way love it you are so talented
ok i like it, but technically medics cant hug them......like it would be unprofessional, but ilike it