Supporting life

Supporting life

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jazzyizcool By jazzyizcool1 Updated Oct 07

Started: July 2019

Brooke Leblanc was a normal eighteen year old teenager. Good grades, good behaviour, the lot. If you looked at her she was just another norm out of the sea of students that attended Hayden high school. However, her good attitude and norm of a life was just that little bit different, she had to support her sisters.

After a tragic accident struck their life Brooke found herself placed as her sisters permanent carer.

However, she plans to not let the tragedy strike her down anymore than it already has and continues life as the same only for it to be wrecked by a certain arrogant ass. A certain arrogant arse she just can't get rid of, Mason Bolt. No matter what she does she can never hide from his arrogance and no matter what she always feels a little bit more intrigued by his foreign ways and maybe the two can suck it up together.