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Terrified [Dave Strider x reader]

Terrified [Dave Strider x reader]

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Starlit By cherie-soleil Updated May 26

Some things never change.

Even if you choose to forget about someone, your heart doesn't. What an asshole, am I right?

But maybe it's not so bad after all.

You and Dave have known each other for quite a while now. Ever since you entered middle school, you always adored the blond from afar. Of course, confessing your feelings to him wasn't the easiest thing to do since he was the type where most girls dream of dating him. But nevertheless, that didn't stop you from trying to befriend him. Time passes and you two began to grow close to each other but that one Tuesday afternoon, you caught him trying to hook up with Jade Harley. You weren't sure if what you saw was really what you thought it was but you knew that you never had the chance. You gave up, tried to forget about him and grew apart.

But what if life decided to turn things around?

Okay we got Sol and Kar, next is:
                              Eridan (MY BEAN), Tavros, Mituna (Who doesn't love him), John, Dirk, and Jake
I was going to say black shirt, black pants, black converse high top all stars but I think people beat me to it. Like even in 70° weather that's what I will wear
Don't you mean.....DOWN GRADED TO A FUK TON!!! Lol (History of Japan, friend got me into it)
Yayoi_HQ Yayoi_HQ Jun 03, 2016
Your new dot name is... Uhm.... Bob! Yes Bob Bobbit Bobert Boberson!
artisticLeprechaun artisticLeprechaun Jul 24, 2016
I always and colors all over my face and hands after art class I don't even know how lmao
How I would have typed it:
                              ~*~*~ Tiime2kiip brought two you by 2ollux fückiing Captor ~*~*~ (I ain't swearin c;)