I Fell In Love With My Brothers Best Friend (IFILWMBBF): First Love

I Fell In Love With My Brothers Best Friend (IFILWMBBF): First Love

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Rebecca By Rebecca212121 Completed

Have you ever fell in love with your brothers best friend? Ya well I did hi the names Rebecca I hate my brothers best friend but something that happened made me change my mind I am glad it did.
Want to know what happens between the two that changed there minds well you should start reading (Not trying to sound mean) :) and join the adventure Rebecca does with her two best friends Tayla and Jakki

Thank you for checking out my book and clicking on it your awesome :).

Updates:Sundays or Mondays if I can't Sunday I will update Monday :). ~Completed~

Bella16_77 Bella16_77 Mar 13, 2016
Im from spain so i speak spanish and these sentences dont make any sense
LamourSousLaLune LamourSousLaLune Oct 02, 2016
Do you know that off the top of your head or did you use a translator?
alyssalyssa97 alyssalyssa97 Jun 22, 2016
Haha Jeremiah is 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I almost thought Becca was going to be with him.. But Jacob is good too.. (Jack or Finn Harries?) Haha but jeremiahbisbher older brother lol 😂😝
Bella16_77 Bella16_77 Mar 13, 2016
Jajajajaja......dios mio que character tiene esta chica😂😝
bells0124 bells0124 Oct 05, 2016
Um okay I know people have already said this but I get hella confused when the Spanish parts come up cause I'm Hispanic and that's not what that means but I like the story so far
5S0Slovell 5S0Slovell Mar 08, 2015
You really need to learn spanish if you want the caracters to speak in spanish because what they are saying dosent make sence