I Fell In Love With My Brothers Best Friend (IFILWMBBF): First Love (Editing)

I Fell In Love With My Brothers Best Friend (IFILWMBBF): First Love (Editing)

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Rebecca By Rebecca212121 Completed

Have you ever fell in love with your brothers best friend? Ya well I did hi the names Rebecca I hate my brothers best friend but something that happened made me change my mind I am glad it did.
Want to know what happens between the two that changed there minds well you should start reading (Not trying to sound mean) :) and join the adventure Rebecca does with her two best friends Tayla and Jakki

Thank you for checking out my book and clicking on it your awesome :).

Updates:Sundays or Mondays if I can't Sunday I will update Monday :). ~Completed~

Bella16_77 Bella16_77 Mar 13, 2016
Im from spain so i speak spanish and these sentences dont make any sense
LamourSousLaLune LamourSousLaLune Oct 02, 2016
Do you know that off the top of your head or did you use a translator?
More like have you ever fell for your best friends brother ??? Well T did 😂😂😂😂😂. I have a feeling I'm gonna love this story cause I also speak my mind and I sometimes don't have a filter haha
alyssalyssa97 alyssalyssa97 Jun 22, 2016
Haha Jeremiah is 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I almost thought Becca was going to be with him.. But Jacob is good too.. (Jack or Finn Harries?) Haha but jeremiahbisbher older brother lol 😂😝
Bella16_77 Bella16_77 Mar 13, 2016
Jajajajaja......dios mio que character tiene esta chica😂😝
bells0124 bells0124 Oct 05, 2016
Um okay I know people have already said this but I get hella confused when the Spanish parts come up cause I'm Hispanic and that's not what that means but I like the story so far