The Mate Switch

The Mate Switch

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Cataleya By cataleyah_xx Updated 3 days ago

Dominic bared his fangs. He was dangerously close to shifting and would instantly go for the kill when he got his hands on Zeke. The two most powerful alphas were about to kill each other and we were all holding our breath. Then, I had the best idea of my life.

I swallowed and bravely stepped forward. "Alpha Zeke, as the rightful Luna of the Solar Eclipse pack, I apologise for my mate's shameless actions. He should have known that mating with another female other than his mate is, in itself, disgusting and unjustifiable."

Zeke shifted his gaze onto mine. "You are right, Luna. His actions are despicable. Especially considering the fact that the female has been marked. I will not spare any man that dares touch my Luna. Especially since I have not been able to fully mate with her."

I opened my mouth to negotiate but Dominic just had to comment. "You marked her while she was unaware. She had not even known you're her mate yet here you are, claiming her," he scoffed. 

I sent Dominic a deadly glare and returned my attention to Alpha Zeke. I took a step towards him to be farther from my mate since I knew what I was about to say would drive Dominic over the edge. Yet, I continued nonetheless.

"Alpha Zeke, you deserved to be left in peace with your mate. What Dominic and Brooke have done is shameful. However, I know of an equalizer."

"Cataleya...", Dominic warned as if foreseeing that I was about to betray him.

I continued regardless of his warning. 
"I have not mated with Dominic yet, just as you have not mated with Brooke.  Since he took your mate from you, it is only fair that you have his."

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