Poetry Awards - Competitor (The Attys)

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Nuria By firelipz Completed
I'm competing in the Poetry awards, come read my poems and support me?
@firelipz This is well executed and brilliantly written. Loved the imagery :) You posted on my thread 11 months ago and I'm ashamed to say I'm only getting back to reading now :P
I love the last four lines of your poem! :) You may want to add punctuation to this piece because pauses and stops also add a more dramatic effect to the poem. :)
I love how you can play with words and make them turn out really good in a piece. Good job on the imagery! :)
Very powerful and dark. You used imagery very well. Great job
There were some moments of real word beauty in this  such as "Lexis of Hate" and "Monster of Manipulation" there is a dark obsession in this that catches the readers breath. I loved the imagery.
I like your word choice in all of your poems and love the symbolism! Keep writing!