BDSM with my Husband (A sequel to BDSM WITH MY BROTHER)

BDSM with my Husband (A sequel to BDSM WITH MY BROTHER)

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a_random_writer By a_random_writer Updated Aug 26, 2015

The door closed behind her and I practically died. I had promised her a world full of happiness and I had shown her dreams that could never be hers. I had promised to sweep her off her feet and be her prince charming, whereas really though I had pushed her in that hell-hole and broken her trust.

I felt ashamed of myself. So much that I could not even stand being in my own body. She was in there now. In with Carter in that room. My mind was thinking of infinite possibilities and they were all scary as hell... I had to get her out, I decided.

The thought about what was on stake crossed my mind. Carter had those papers. He had all the evidence he needed to prove me guilty of murder in court. I didn't care. It was Riley, the girl who had easily agreed to bring my baby into this world and bear all that pain and humiliation for a mistake that I did, technically; and I was just letting her go to that asshole? No way.

I moved closer to the door. I heard her scream. It pained me. In all hone...

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okay idk any of these characters or what happened or whatever bc i cant fine the first story
pitchplz pitchplz Jul 03, 2016
If you know what bdsm is you should read my book called Kitten and Daddy
                              Plus this book is amazing i enjoyed reading it!!
HalfMiralukanJedi HalfMiralukanJedi Aug 15, 2015
A baby should never be called a mistake. Or a person in general, for that matter.
CandleInTheAshes CandleInTheAshes Apr 11, 2015
I'm not trying to be mean or anything but I think you should put the point of view with every chapter...
angelhello210 angelhello210 Jul 11, 2014
wait I'm confused.. kayen killed someone so carter black mailed him into marying riley .. dosent carter want riley to himself?! and which week days do you usually update.. love ur story
Skittle_Monkey99 Skittle_Monkey99 Jul 08, 2014
i think u shoudnt make her let him off or make her seem so easily mind chaged cause one minute shes thinking.of the baby the next shes falling for confusex