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My Immortal Series - Serendipity

My Immortal Series - Serendipity

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Ai By chynajade Completed

Prologue - Zac

Let me put this as simple as I can - there are some things in life that exists, not for pleasure or for gain, and I am one of them.

But no matter how much I wished I wasn't created this way or how alone I must always choose to be, I would never have wished I had not met her.

Even as I know I will pay the price dearly for knowing her, I would not exchange any moments I had with her, all her joy and all her sadness she let me feel with her. How precious is her life and how insignificant will be mine.  

And when it all ends, I will feel no regret. 

Now that that's out of the way, how could I even hoped that HEAVEN BEND...Redemption? 

Have I not lost my ticket on that by now? They watch my every move and predicted my inane behaviour - there is nothing worse than the compelling hands of the dying to throw one off track. A very good distraction, even I had to admit I was distracted from my situation. Problem is, I don't get to click Refresh! Damn ..

And now she has seen what I have not dared to admit to myself - I care for the whispers of the dying, and for this she knows I am undecided.

gylsering gylsering Sep 12, 2011
@chynajade I plan on reading the whole thing, but I will definitely read that part too.
chynajade chynajade Sep 12, 2011
@gylsering Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope you'll be able to finish this story but if you don't, could you please at least check out Part II of Serendipity - NEED Introduction. For me, that's pure 'angst'. :D
gylsering gylsering Sep 12, 2011
Great imagery. I'm not exactly sure what the extended roller-coaster metaphor is about quite yet, but this really makes me want to read more
chynajade chynajade Sep 04, 2011
My wish this Christmas - get a computer that does italics on Wattpad!!!!!!!!!
_allyondra_ _allyondra_ Sep 04, 2011
Nice intro! I, too, may say that I got confused-ish....but dont worry...its really really nice ^__^
chynajade chynajade Jul 19, 2011
@kikkina123 Thank you. I love roller-coaster but am a bit of a chicken when it comes to really monsterous rides. Truth be told, I think I would be holding on to dear life if I went on one of those rides. :D