Cupid's Queue: Fated Love Book 2

Cupid's Queue: Fated Love Book 2

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"I'm going to make you scream so loud," he said softly as his gaze held hers, "with just my fingers, right here in Damien and Mikayla's kitchen."

"You better not start anything that you can't finish," Hannah threatened.

She could not believe his brazenness; he was just as impudent and daring as she was. Hannah moaned softly as his fingers glided against her wet flesh. She kept her eyes focused on him as he made slow circles.

"Are you ready?" he smiled.

"I was born ready," she licked her lips.

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With a name like Hannah Cupid, you can be sure that she has left a few broken hearts in her wake.

A gorgeous blonde who can get any man that she wants, but she is not looking for love or affection. Hannah is all about the physical gratification and is fine with how her life is. She never sleeps with the same man twice.

However, all this changes while planning her best friend's wedding.

🔅Rated R: Contains thematic issues, MATURE sexual content and adult language. 

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