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not that its a big deal.
But at my new school nobody seems to like me.

I'm the only black girl there. 
And of course I get attention from the wrong people and end up in problems I least wanted. But these problems all lead up to one person behind everything. 

*here's a little sneak*

"My legs began to get weak, my body felt very odd. I closed my eyes trying to take my focus off his face.

I let my face melt into his hand as he held his grip upon my cheek. 

I slowly backed up on the door letting my back rest on the wooden door.

"Good morning Victoria. " His voice as soothing as it can be."

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ChampagneSwizzle ChampagneSwizzle Jun 07, 2017
This is my mum you know, telling me my body needs to cool off otherwise I'll get sick
triggeredthot triggeredthot May 29, 2017
ew. omfg why didn't you give her like an alcatel or something. they're only like 100 dollars and work better than an iphone for some people
DalisiaMunn DalisiaMunn Dec 29, 2017
Me too it's kinda like routine now. Wake up go use the restroom. Then everything else follows
lataviaw lataviaw Apr 22, 2017
When people stare at me I saw "Can I get my face back" and they catch a attitude
ItsMeHO ItsMeHO Apr 10, 2017
Which is exactly why i can beat your ass and get away with it‼️
oh_its_sarah oh_its_sarah Mar 25, 2017
Ik once I knock your teeth out you won't be able to talk either wigga