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Felicia By vivrebeau Updated Jul 28, 2016

i'm "BLACK"

not that its a big deal.
But at my new school nobody seems to like me.

i'm the only black girl there. 
And of course I get attention from the wrong people and end up in problems I least wanted. But these problems all lead up to one person behind everything. 

*here's a little sneak*

"My legs began to get weak, my body felt very odd. I closed my eyes trying to take my focus off his face.

I let my face melt into his hand as he held his grip upon my cheek. 

I slowly backed up on the door letting my back rest on the wooden door.

"Good morning Victoria. " His voice as soothing as it can be."

sglobal sglobal Feb 07
That was hilarious to bad racist jokes died along time Ago so it's not a joke anymore it's a hate crime so I can take you court and I promise I'll win😊😊
poopnbananas poopnbananas Dec 23, 2016
im not even black but if i heard someone say that i'd legit slap them so hard you could hear it from across the school
La_Empress La_Empress Jan 17
Honestly I just think about putting my mum in a retirement home and then I feel betta again😌
ddluvladybug ddluvladybug Dec 18, 2016
This pisses me off to the max, especially since dumb àsses think it's ok to say this to me 😤😤😒😑😠
amiriacon43 amiriacon43 Feb 10
i would so do it
                              someone hold my earrings..mama finna beat some @ss
butterfly-beauty butterfly-beauty Sep 15, 2016
I LOVE THIS NAME😍😍 too bad everyone use it for the annoying bitch in the book