Your Heart

Your Heart

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Previously known as The Path To Your Heart

Noor Ahmed is a twenty year old muslim girl in university. She has been through a lot but she is still standing strong. Yusuf Salih a twenty two year old CEO he has been glaring at Noor his whole life. They are meant to be married since they were little. So what happens when it's time for their marriage? But what if Noor's past is hunting her? How Yusuf will adjust?

Join Noor and Yusuf on their journey of laughter, tears,heartache and maybe love.


It's my first book so behold to extreme loopholes in the story where somethings don't add up. Also excuse all cheesiness pls


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__VeiledMuslimahh __VeiledMuslimahh Mar 20, 2017
Iو عليكم السلام dear writer! 
                              Even though this was probably a year ago...couldn't just pass it without replying to  سلام  (: 
                              Your books sounds great heyyy!Looking forward to go further into this  journey■
SandhyaSharma08 SandhyaSharma08 Apr 22, 2016
Walaikum Assalam! I loved how I started this book by reading the title It's Finished LOL 😂😂😂
FanTAEsticVee FanTAEsticVee May 29, 2016
"I don't know why....... but I imagine Noor as Noor Almaleki, the girl who was murdered by her own father. She was really pretty and she was the same age as this Noor when she died so I guess that must be the reason.... 😞😞😞😞
aibrahim468 aibrahim468 Oct 24, 2015
I love the cover and title thats what made me want to read it!!!
thenoorofyourlife thenoorofyourlife Sep 06, 2015
wow this story is super similar to my own story plot line. ..what a coincidence!
Xxsh19 Xxsh19 Jun 24, 2015
Saya this story is completed right?
                              So why don't you enter the wattys2015 ?
                              I think you have a great chance of winning ❤️
                              Think about it!!!!