Princeton Freaky Imagine :D

Princeton Freaky Imagine :D

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Bond , James Bond By BlasianMisfit Updated Aug 13, 2012

*so its the morning after the big night and princeton and yn were just waking up*

*you both are still laying in bed*

*princeton turns to look at you*

PRINCETON: damn baby that was one hell of a night right

YN: i know right u got aggresive this time i liked it

PRINCETON: i should agreesive more often right

YN: of course but i still like the sweet little moves you do also

PRINCETON: haha well i gotta get in the shower im late for work

YN: well if ur already late thn y not go even more late

PRINCETON: wat do u mean

YN: i mean y not again

PRINCETON: do wat we did last night??

YN: *winks*

PRINCETON: babe like no joke i want to but imma be super late for work

YN: well thn ok go take a shower

PRINCETON: but if u still want we can do it again tonight whn i come back frm work

YN: oh yes then ill be waiting


*prince gets up from the bed and kisses you and go to the bathrrom to take a shower*

*while princeton is in the shower you decide to get in with him*


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