Alex's Girl [Lesbian]

Alex's Girl [Lesbian]

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"Are you... lost?" Someone asked, her tone impatient. 

I stopped scanning the room to find the woman behind the voice. I blinked.

She had the most luminous blue eyes I had ever seen. Even in the dim glow of the bar they glowed brightly, like her pupils were some type of smooth stone at the bottom of a clear blue ocean. Within her blue there flickered tiny speckles of silver, which gave her an icy, somewhat stony appeal. But it was her slight, lopsided smile that erased any signs of wanting to be alone.

No wonder this bar was so popular.

"Uh, no," I said, holding up the Help Wanted sign I had snagged from the front window. The woman's cool eyes flickered between the sign and me. She didn't say anything, only looked slightly thoughtful as slender fingers raked through her long blonde hair.

"What can you do?" She finally asked, definitely not expecting me to be able to do much of anything at all. She'd be right.

"Anything and everything," I answered-lied-instantly, hoping I didn't look too desperate, didn't sound too eager. To be perfectly honest, I hadn't worked a day in my life. My hands were used to weekly manicures not hard labor. 

But desperate times call for desperate measures. 

The blonde appeared thoughtful again. Those magnificent eyes gave me a once over, slow and steady. You could see the cogs turning in her head as she considered it. I decided to try and sound more convincing. 

"I have many skills," I added. Okay, so I stole that from Xena, but I was hoping it worked as well for me as it did for her.

The blonde lifted a sculpted brow and the smile was, once again, back on her lips. She seemed amused. Maybe she was a Xena fan?

"Alright... I'll start you off cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping the floors, doing the dishes..."


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I wouldn’t drink it. I’ll never drink alcohol. Being raised by alcoholics made me hate it. Just looking at any alcoholic beverage makes me feel sick. 😔
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"Pitiful Breats" I don't know how I should imagine them...😂😂
second time around and i’m just NOT READY. I CANT TAKE THIS BUT I LOVE IT
mjfeelz mjfeelz Nov 14
so everyone just works from 10 AM until 2 AM the next day? sounds illegal lol
1965 Mustang Shelby GT500 😍😍 or a BMW i8 😍😍😍😍😍 😭😭😭
I have a friend who has resting bitch face so when she is in the background of pictures its scary