Worst Of You

Worst Of You

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〰️💛〰️ By chxateau_ Updated May 26

Authors Note:

Welcome to my first book. If you want to read something that's hot, that's new, that's daring, mysterious, amAZING, PERFECT, then this book is not for you. Go home.

No but seriously, I'm going to probably cringe 3000 whilst writing this. Oh well, it's happening.

Uh, please don't copy this book, y'know the copyright drill.

Please, please, please point out grammar mistakes. I will do my best to refrain from them, but it's bound to happen.

Constructive critisism? Yes. Hate? Cancelled.
-To anyone else i mean, bully me all you like. (':

This story may seem boring by the description or whatever, but please do give it a try! I promise it gets later better on! I think...

Make sure to comment, vote, and I will do my best to update on a daily! 

This has been emotional, goodbye.

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