The Alpha's To Mark

The Alpha's To Mark

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Becca By The_Bean_Queen Updated Mar 25

Natalie has gone through one rejection and is not strong enough to take part in another. Her rejecter was one of the alphas' who sits on the high alpha council making him powerful. Alpha Desmond. With territory as far as the eye can see and power that many craved. His rejection was simply because she held no titles. A normal werewolf with no power or ties to any alpha blood. 

To alpha Maxwell she was not a normal wolf. She is his mate. His everything. His true mate, the one many never get to meet or have. Completely head over heels in love with this female. He doesn't care she is normal with no titles. Alpha Maxwell is the most powerful alpha in the lands. 

Once Desmond finds out about this he wants the Luna back and challenges him for the mate.

Sexual content, mature scenes and language


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