My Nerdy Alpha

My Nerdy Alpha

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Shaazia By ForeverMe007 Completed

You often hear stories about the nerdy girl who just found out that her mate is a hot Alpha who plays with girls hearts. Then he rejects his nerdy mate and she runs away, only to return looking like a Victoria Secrets model and they end up falling in love. Well this is not one of those stories. In fact it is the complete opposite. Have you ever wondered what it might be like for the guy to be the nerd?  

 This is where Jace Silvermoon clumsily stumbles in. He's future alpha of the Silvermoon Pack, smart, mateless and nerdy. He is bullied and picked on everyday and has very few friends. He is basically a social reject.
 After years of torture his mate finally shows up but she's not just any girl. She is Ella Bonnet, the new, beautiful, sweet, daring and strong French student who moved to USA.

When the two total polar opposites find out that they are mates what will they do? 
How can they get their relationship to work?
Of course its love at first site but keep in mind not everything is what it seems...


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laddybugs laddybugs Apr 25
I just happened to come across this story and got to say so far it doesn't disappoint!!!😆🎸🎹
Savsquatch Savsquatch Sep 18, 2016
Is a body guard for book characters a job 
                              Cause I think I'd be good for it
SugarMyCupcakes SugarMyCupcakes Feb 28, 2016
Her lipstick stain is a work of art I got her name tattooed in an arrow heart 😍
Yass All Of The Members Of The 5SOSFANDOM OVER HERE🤘🏽💁🏻
moridea06 moridea06 Jun 22, 2016
This is soo cute. I love how you switch it up with it being the guy who is nerdy instead of the female..Amazig start so far . 😊