Elizabeth Lockwood

Elizabeth Lockwood

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jaz face By -NOIR- Completed

Elizabeth Loockwood is unique. 

All her life she has been ignored, frowned about, and lonely.

 Except a man changes that, but so many hate him and more hate him for helping her.

No no no no no no........ Alaric....... No no ...... You need to like him...... No
I cried and I hate emotions so that tells you how close I thought we were
I would come in there like okay bitches, talking to you Elena, where's my dad
Omg she is so me 2 days ago my 'friends' stopped talking to me after they called me a bitch
Ella_Risbe Ella_Risbe Jan 17
Alaric because Alaric is a father-figure to Elena, he sees her as a daughter, so if Elena were an enemy to Lockwood sister: then so would Alaric, because he would suspect a good, reasonable reason why she hates her. :)