Elizabeth Lockwood

Elizabeth Lockwood

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LLORONA By sassysegs Completed

The biggest down fall in her life was caring too much, she wanted to be excepted and maybe that's why her life took this turn. 


Niklaus Mikealson 

In which a girl trying to find out the un-answered questions for her uncles disappearance makes a chain reaction of life changing events.

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671danielle 671danielle Oct 12, 2016
FINN AND CLARK thy belonged together it's her fault they didn't get together sooner but I forgive her because she badaśs
Marrrrrra Marrrrrra Aug 16, 2016
Ayanna is a real character in the Vampire Diaries, she was the head of the Bennet line, that's why bonnie was so powerful. Ayanna Bennet gave Esther the spell of immortality for her kids and Mikael