Elizabeth Lockwood

Elizabeth Lockwood

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Elizabeth Loockwood is unique. 

All her life she has been ignored, frowned about, and lonely.

 Except a man changes that, but so many hate him and more hate him for helping her.

worldofgray worldofgray Jan 03
Ayanna isn't her the witch who was friends with Esther?? 🤔 and she's technically a Bennet .-.
niklausvoidmikaelson niklausvoidmikaelson May 17, 2016
No no no no no no........ Alaric....... No no ...... You need to like him...... No
EstrangedMikaelsonMe EstrangedMikaelsonMe Apr 20, 2016
I cried and I hate emotions so that tells you how close I thought we were
EstrangedMikaelsonMe EstrangedMikaelsonMe Apr 21, 2016
I would come in there like okay bitches, talking to you Elena, where's my dad
EstrangedMikaelsonMe EstrangedMikaelsonMe Apr 20, 2016
Omg she is so me 2 days ago my 'friends' stopped talking to me after they called me a bitch
Ella_Risbe Ella_Risbe Jan 17, 2016
Alaric because Alaric is a father-figure to Elena, he sees her as a daughter, so if Elena were an enemy to Lockwood sister: then so would Alaric, because he would suspect a good, reasonable reason why she hates her. :)