Occultus Draconem

Occultus Draconem

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Mo By Mo_Luchessi Updated Jun 16, 2019

In an ancient time of Kings and Queens, the Humans lived in harmony with the great beings that roamed the Earth. No kingdom was more peaceful than Cadmus, where the Cadmians existed beside the greatest creatures of all, the Dragons.

The ruler of Cadmus, King Anguis, although very young, was much beloved. He never turned a deaf ear to the Humans or Dragons of Cadmus, and the kingdom flourished. Under the protection of the Dragons and their Empress, Queen Maeve, paired with Anguis' extraordinary ability to keep peace, the lands prospered and grew tenfold within a few short years. Cadmus and Draconia became the greatest kingdoms known to exist. 

But it was not meant to last.

King Anguis, barely into adulthood, was murdered in the night. His death rocked Cadmus to its core, and the Cadmians mourned with the Draconians, grieving for their beloved King.

As Prince Agni, Anguis' younger brother, assumed the throne, he declared war on the Dragons, announcing that the kingdom would be Cleansed. He enlisted a brutal army of elite hunter-assassins known as the Enforcers to carry out the Cleansing, and the kingdom was consumed by a shadow of tyranny. Cadmus became a war zone, and the land of Draconia was devastated. 

A group of survivors of the Cleansing, Dragons disguised in Human form, created a secret society known as the Occultus Draconem. As King Agni's power grew and the Enforcers became more brutal than ever, a rebellion stirred. The Occultus Draconem began stepping in to stop the Cleansings, fighting back for the freedom of the Dragons and swearing to bring peace back to Draconia and Cadmus.

But how can they succeed without the heir to the Draconian throne?