Quintessential Miscreant and Marauder

Quintessential Miscreant and Marauder

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BedraggledAtelier By BedraggledAtelier Updated May 26

SLASH In the 1920s, after Remus was diagnosed with a magical handicap, he decides to become a Hogwarts Apprentice Caretaker to remain in the Wizarding World, but it was never his plan to pose as a student nor fall for Sirius Black. Wolfstar AU SBRL


Unlike his wizarding family, Remus had never displayed a talent for magic, only  a wisp of it, and had yet to receive his admissions letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Nevertheless, over the years, he never lost hope that his Hogwarts letter would one day arrive, even though he was much older than your average recipient. 

After Remus was diagnosed with a magical handicap at St. Mungo's Hospital that summer, his parents grew adamant that their non-wizard son attend a school in the Muggle World. To avoid leaving the familiar Wizarding World for the strange world of the muggles, Remus decides to become a Hogwarts Apprentice Caretaker to Argus Filch.

His fraternal twin Romulus, overwhelmed by extra classes and his temporary role as Quidditch captain, asks Remus to sit through a class for him. While posing as a student, Remus catches the attention of a handsome pureblood named Sirius Black. What starts off as a relationship based on suspicion and prejudice ends in a budding romance. 


Cover Art by @_uzmii

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