Daughters of Fate Book 2 | An Original Fantasy Adventure

Daughters of Fate Book 2 | An Original Fantasy Adventure

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Mathias  Cavanaugh By MathiasCavanaugh Completed

One destiny. Two paths. One war.

Sheala and Cass have chosen their sides.  One seeks to bring meaning to her life that has been in shambles since the day her father and mother were killed and weighs the prospect of assuming the mantle of her uncle's Ambassador to the Elves.  But is she truly ready to take on such an important role and become the Child of the Storm?

The other prepares to unleash fire and her fury upon Fimmirra and bring King Turn to his knees with the Dragon Ships she has planned.  But how will her blossoming relationship with a young officer in the Imperial Navy affect her heart that has until now only thought of revenge?

And now, the Child of Light arises.  A new hope for the Rebellion.

The saga continues in Daughters of Fate Book 2, the second installment of the award winning Daughters of Fate trilogy.

Approximately 85k words.