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"There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page or closing the book."

Hayley is the new girl at Westview high and she meets the typical bad boy, Owen.
Typical story right.
Well what if Owen isn't the bad boy, that he's misinterpreted and is actually a sweetheart whose been hurt and tries to act as a jerk but fails when it comes to the people most closely to him. What if Hayley isn't your typical good girl, she's been through so much that it's destroyed her. What if this time, the "good girl" is the one who is lost while the "bad boy" is the one that saves her. What if you don't get your typical happy ending.

- *I will edit once my book is completed."
- *Contains profanity and drug use*
- *Book is not based on the cast listed on the side, it's just a visualization of how I want them to look*

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