Us Hunters

Us Hunters

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Dean's Girl By deanwinchesterislife Updated Aug 03, 2015

Name: Nicole Hamilton 

Age: 25

Appearance: ginger hair, turquoise-blue eyes


Nicole was an average hunter, well that's a lie, she was one of the best of hunters in the world. You wouldn't know that though because she likes to keep a low profile concerning her identity. Her life was simple, well as simple as a hunter's life got. This all changed when she suddenly woke up in the middle of a street with a green-eyed man shaking her awake. That's when things got really weird. Her dad went missing. An angel was stalking her. A demon was controlling her dream. Not to mention she was hunting with the Winchester brothers after she woke up in a completely different state! The Winchester brother promise to help Nicole find her father, but how will their relationship hold was they find out a little but more about Nicole Hamilton.

(There is a preview of the story in the first part.)