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Her Name Wasn't Wendy

Her Name Wasn't Wendy

58.8K Reads 1.7K Votes 20 Part Story
Elizabeth Lux By Elizabeth_Lux Completed

(Peter Pan version from Once Upon A Time)

NeverLand -a place were lost boys never grow up, killer mermaids are just below the waves, and pirates search for treasure. 

But the one thing that has never come to NeverLand is a woman.

  And when a girl arrives in NeverLand it changes everything.   

But her name isn't Wendy Darling who stole the heart of Peter Pan in the original version of the famous tale of the first girl in NeverLand. 
This real girl's name was . . .

"Oh my goodness...Amazing...SO MANY...FEELS" -@phantomluvah 

"Mate this is awesome!" -@Socket111

"How is it you get me hooked on every story you write??" -@wholockedatchb


[all new ideas, characters (like Zemira), and plots are all rights reserved.]

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