Three More Months

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Ally By buswriters98 Updated 2 years ago
Three More Months: 
    Three more months until I turn 18
    Three months until I'm a legal adult
    Three More months until I take my last breath
    Lydia Winters always knew that she wasn't meant to be around very long. But when she hears the news that she only has three more months to live her world shatters. As she tries to complete her life's bucket list things get complicated. Especially when she meets Ethan Rider, who has no idea that her days are running out. As they complete the bucket list together he starts to wonder about what's really going on. Lydia knows whats going to happen but she let's herself fall for him. But when the time comes to say goodbye it'll already be to late.                                 (This story is in need of major editing and plot change, until I fix these things I will not post new chapters)
Hey I'm new here can you read my book "you're screwed" thanks. Btw I like this book.!!
OMG no i feel like I already know where this is going :( 
                                    I love your writing skills, so keep it up!!
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I like this a lot :D It's cool how she wouldn't want treatment, it makes her different from most people.
-.- Look at the date for my story. Then look at this one. Read bothe descriptions. please,
Whoa<3 love this story you have a wonderful way of writing that really grabs the readers in! Can't wait to read more!
Wow this is really sad but still a great story. It grabs my attention