Noor and Sophia are two twins who have always wanted a normal life, but it seems like normal isn't their thing.  When they get to a new high school after being adopted, they meet a few other people who just got to the school as well.  Noor finds herself having many sudden near-death experiences, and she has a feeling it is connected to the new kids at school.  Sophia and Noor's bond seems to be slowly falling apart, and neither of them is sure they trust the other one anymore.  Things turn chaotic as Noor's luck gets worse, and the only question she can ask is, why me?
@JustAWriter143 Omg that's so cool haha what a coincidence!  And thanks, I'm glad you like it so far! :)
Oh my god my name is Noor and I have a twin named Sofie okay close enough but still XD Great story by the way!
what does TBA stand for??? to be added? oh.. i think thats it :P
@annie_annalise Thank you!  I took some of your advice and tried to make the summary better :) I looked into your story as well, you're really good at descriptions haha and i appreciate the feedback on mine, thank you! :)
@rainfur229 @SerenaKai haha thanks I really appreciate it :)
This is really good! I really like it and im just on the prolouge!! that just shows its great!