Completely Clueless (naruto fanfic)

Completely Clueless (naruto fanfic)

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Yuni By skyuni Updated Jun 04, 2015

Rin Suzuki pays it no extra thought when she wakes up in an unfamiliar forest, alone. This is almost normal; her dad is an eccentrically abnormal person, for such a famous multi-millionaire in America. She cruises through the strange environment until she realizes: this is not one of her dad's usual pranks. It can't be-- he's gone.

She learns to adapt. She makes friends. She makes enemies. She grows stronger.

She becomes a shinobi.

Through all the trials, Rin finds herself at home in the unfamiliar village. 

And in Konohagakure, she unexpectedly finds herself.

*I do NOT own Naruto or this picture!

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Just finished reading a book that had me in a sobbing mess. I pray to Jashin that this one makes me smile T.T
CodeMari CodeMari Sep 15
I have a question...
                              Do/Will you go to a school called "Ouran High School?"
                              *also waves*
                              I kinda hop around between the two
miinyoongay miinyoongay 4 days ago
i leave in los angeles. and dayum! girl, you u go to ouran high school?
JazzyJuke JazzyJuke Jul 11
At least, it's better since he ain't doing any drugs 'cause Jazzy doesn't approve of that.
Hey, it could be worse. Be happy he pulls pranks on you instead of wasting the money on alcohol and drugs.