Twenty For A Dozen

Twenty For A Dozen

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When birthday planner Kira Joy volunteers at a kissing booth to support her brother's high school prom, she is paid a dozen hundred dollars by a very handsome stranger. In return, Kira takes business graduate West Moreno, the man who has never celebrated a birthday, on a life rediscovery trip.

Now she owes him twenty kisses and twenty birthdays, and he is hell-bent on getting them all. One by one, each kiss drives his presence deeper into Kira's heart. The two set out to rediscover birthdays and fun, while learning that with age comes great responsibility - and a newer understanding of love.

-trailer by @holliehannah

-Romance #59 - 24/07/14

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paige-blue paige-blue Mar 29, 2015
I thought this was a  great book you defiantly put a lot of effort into righting it well done
KaileyCaperton KaileyCaperton Nov 02, 2014
good make sure to check out my book coming out soon it will be called the moment I lost everything
tfios_fanatic tfios_fanatic Aug 09, 2014
The fact that it's Scott and Kira makes me that much more excited!!!!! It's so interesting and cool how characters from a tv show are the two leads in a book. Can't wait!!!!!
HopeWinters_ HopeWinters_ Jul 25, 2014
Ooooh I love the original idea behind this, also the cover is gorgeous! Can't wait to get stuck into another one of your romance stories <3
pinkycupcake pinkycupcake Jul 22, 2014
                              *facepalm* dude. Ayesha. Seriously!? Why the hell would you choose THEM out of all ppl for the cast!? I DONT EVEN SHIP THEM ON TEEN WOLF! Seriously I think Scott should just stay single man
anonymazingly anonymazingly Jul 18, 2014
wow, this book seems uniquely exciting in every way there is :D I can't help but vote just by reading the summery; because seriously, you've got one hell of a talent ;)! such an amazing author :) xx