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This is a letter i sent to someone who said writing was easy and that it isnt an experience. This is a Letter Of Inspiration, for those who are yet to succeed and have been bullied out of writing by others, this serves as a reminder for why we write.

rvjoswick1 rvjoswick1 Jul 24, 2016
I love this piece, too. It is very inspirational and full of emotion. How we rewrite over rewrites, then rewrite true is your entire work! Thank you for putting into words what we say to ourselves endlessly!
OfficiallyLaken OfficiallyLaken May 27, 2013
I love this!! It's so inspirational and true. Writing is an art. A long, annoying process that people don't tend to understand until you've sat down to actually try to create a story. I will reread this when I lack inspiration to write.
DarcyEvans DarcyEvans Sep 19, 2012
I love this piece, it flows so smoothly like poetry, though it isn't, I will definetally find myself reading this many more times, and committing it to memory.
BananaRajahWarRook BananaRajahWarRook Mar 23, 2012
"We write what we see in our minds, or we try too as we tend to write too little and then write too much and we re-read what we have read over twice already to only re-write over re-write and only end up back or near where we started" wow!!!!!!!!!! i am still pondering over this line ;)
MaryEden08 MaryEden08 Jan 13, 2012
loved this! its so true :') inspriational thankyou! this is amazing :) xx
NESMAN NESMAN Jan 04, 2012
@EmmaGen many people complain about using thier ipods for wattpad. i read your comments and got confused and thought they were for other things