Kingdom of Twilight ||| Ateez

Kingdom of Twilight ||| Ateez

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Terra is a land that once lived in peace. It was broken up into several kingdoms, each ruled by a royal family that had been blessed by the gods. But these blessings ended up fueling power-hungry leaders and the land soon fell into ruin. War was a constant state of life for many.

Except for a small kingdom, located by the sea, called Twilight.

Their royal family had been blessed with the gift of healing. Their kingdom thrived. And that just made it more desirable. 

Lakita is the princess of Twilight. This is her story as she fights to survive in a world that just wants to use her for their own gain. But her gift is a special one... She might be able to do more than just heal physical wounds. Maybe, just maybe, she can work to heal the land of Terra.