~ I'm Not One To Mess With ~ A Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction

~ I'm Not One To Mess With ~ A Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction

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SitiSakamaki By SitiSakamaki Updated Mar 17

"You love me?! Is this what love feels like? Please stay away from me! Every thing around me always ends up hurt. As much as I hate myself,  I love you too much to see you hurt. So please..." 

What happens when there were two sacrificial brides, one for the Mukamis and one for the Sakamaki?  Atsumu Tsukino, a beautiful girl who was strong, independent and feminine. But behind that mask was a girl with a broken heart, a tragic past that affected her view of life. She hated herself, she had no self worth and would rather die... But all of that would change when she entered the mansion. The once unemotional girl will learn about happiness and love... But who would be the one to teach her? "

"Thank you.It was all because you, you were the one who brought happiness and meaning into my life. I love you..."

gam2001 gam2001 Sep 05
Totally agreeing, if I could go into screens I would slap yui shitless
Not supporting her or anything,  u are up against vampires the more u are a struggle the more they want to break u
*before reading*
                              Let's get this over with, I hope this interests me.
                              *reads first sentence*
Yui is fake i mean ima be honest if i was scared of all them and subaru gave me that knife i would've been gone...........
                              Actually i would've left as soon as i seen the house tbh
                              But nevermind cuz their hot and i love them so😂😂
Ikr.....yuis a stupid bitch😂😂😂😂😂id took shuu laito ayato and sabaru with me to my house............ehemmmmmm sorry
I totes agree about yui, she's nice but she needs man up brush 😂