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The Quarter (boyxboy)

The Quarter (boyxboy)

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The pan pineapple By captain_pineapple Updated Jul 27, 2016

Welcome to Johnson High, home of the jackrabbits. Most people deny anything that has to do with segregation of students, but here we own up to it. Every person has a cliché, stereotypical group that they belong to. One particular group is much different. All it's members are more diverse than anyone could imagine. From stoners to beauty queens, this group has them all, and when a boy joins the group as a complete outcast he learns more than he bargained for.
On the far side of the quad during lunch are two vending machines, each with their own offerings. Two very different groups have set up camp on each side. The popular jocks and our favourite clique of all of things special.
What happens when a single coin ventures onto the other side? What will come of the boy who dropped it and the football player who just so happened to pick it up?

Cover credit: ThatMagicalBich

keka31 keka31 Jan 03
I usually dont even brush my hair in the morning. I just make tea, throw on clothes, and after getting siblings awake and ready for school, grab my bag and im out the door xD
fairytailfan91198 fairytailfan91198 Jul 18, 2016
That's better than me, I start yelling about how I hate random things around me, counting people
TheWolfAmongstRavens TheWolfAmongstRavens Oct 02, 2016
That's my favorite makeup artist MANNYMUA. Look at his "How I did my makeup in hs video" :)
MegaMicroMia MegaMicroMia Jul 11, 2015
holy monkey biskets any one have spare ovarys I think mine exploded xD