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"I want to resign."
"You didn't even started."
"I know."
"Okay then, leave the check on my table tomorrow."
"Which check?"
"You didn't read the rules do you?"
"What rules?"
"The company pays 1 year salary altogether in the 12th month and if any employee wants  to leave the job then they have to pay us the whole amount immediately."
"This is very moronic and iniquitous rule."
"Yeah! You better deal with it."
"And what if I don't?"
"You will be responsible of consequences. You will start from tomorrow. Good bye."


               Mirha Alvi is your average 24 years old girl with chestnut color hairs, goldilocks lips,  protruding russet brown eyes and hooked nose with wheatish complexion.
                Where as Faham Khan is 26 years old boy with black middle lengthened wavy hairs, heart shaped face, dimpled chin and little stubble with a tanned skin.

Mirha have some regretful moments with Faham. What is going to happen when they are reunited now?