Heartmine Destiny

Heartmine Destiny

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Melody Wilson By SecretMae Completed

Heartmine Destiny is a romance that will awaken your need for love. Its based in the world of Willondove where Antony is the crown prince of the Heartmine Kingdom. For much of his life he has lived on the basis of destiny. Whatever happens in life is the result of fate. Until one day when a mysterious woman, Willow, is found in a forest. She has no memory of how she got there, and parts of her memories are blurred. 

Antony is faced with some big decisions as the story progresses. The Heartmine Kingdom is coming towards a war due to intruders who want to take over the precious land. Antony's father, King Earlton, doesn't want to send anyone out to fight, but he knows he will eventually have to. Besides the literal war slowly being fought, he has a war raging inside of him. He's engaged to a woman who he doesn't love, because if he is to take the crown he needs to be married. But a lost woman of his past haunts his emotions. Renedy was a childhood friend, and was the woman he would grow up to marry. Until one fateful day when she disappears by falling into a portal to another realm with no trace left behind. This ate at him for years, and he has pushed away those feelings for so long until recent. When Willow is found in the forest he becomes entranced with her. Slowly but surely he is faced with the decision to let love take charge again or hold back his feelings. 

Along with all of that, Willow faces her quest to find her identity. She's faced with a strange world and people she doesn't know. Each look at her reflection is a reminder that so much has been lost, and it urges her to find the missing pieces. So the final questions remain... Will fate unravel itself in this story of destiny, love, loss, and war? Or can fate be sealed like the lost pages of a book? All awaits with the turn of a page...

Written By: Melody Wilson ©Copyright 2011- present --All Rights Reserved--

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JaimeNC JaimeNC May 08, 2012
Love this! By the way, I'm super sorry. if you remember awhile back, you won one of my romance contests. I'm sorry for the delay, but I'll be going through and reading your story now(:
MoreThanOurMistakes MoreThanOurMistakes Feb 10, 2012
Amazing! You have a real way with words and how you describe them :) Great job
SecretMae SecretMae Jan 27, 2012
@southernsweetie28 Thank you! Enjoy!
                              ~~<~<~@ Rose For You @~>~>~~
southernsweetie28 southernsweetie28 Jan 27, 2012
you have a way with words. I really enjoyed this, and even though I'm not one for fantasy, this I truly liked. I think i'll keep reading on to find out what happens next!
SecretMae SecretMae Jan 12, 2012
@AngeliaWhitfield Technically speaking lol I hope you enjoy. Please know that although this story is finished it is the rough draft. I am currently editing it so I can publish it. It will be an Ebook and perhaps a paperback. There may be a few grammar/spelling errors, but not to many.
SecretMae SecretMae Jan 12, 2012
@AngeliaWhitfield One way to find out... Turn the page! lol (smiles) Thank you for your comment!