The Text

The Text

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"You are a worthless piece of trash! We should've gotten rid of you when we had the chance!" My abusive dad shouted, slapping me with all of his might. 

My name is Chloe Adams. Both of my parents have abused me my entire life. I'm covered in bruises, cuts, and burns from head to toe, but I've learned how to cover them up. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever escape this hell hole.

"Yeah you should've." I agreed, whispering under my breath. 
"What was that!?" He yelled even louder than before.
"N-Nothing." I stuttered, afraid of his reaction. 

I don't want to be pushed down the stairs again. The last time that happened, I broke my wrist. They didn't even take me to the hospital. I had to bandage it myself. 

"That's what I thought! Go fetch me a beer!" He ordered.

There comes a moment when you don't want to stop. When you don't want to get better. You just don't care anymore.

Read to find out how one small yet huge text can change Chloe's outlook on this magical journey we call life.

Emilylovee_420 Emilylovee_420 Jul 24, 2016
Awww how sweet of her that's how you know she is a real friend 😊 😊 💟  💟  💞
SilviaValencia2 SilviaValencia2 Jun 26, 2016
I would like to see your comments in different fonts than the story.
sunhazel sunhazel Apr 19, 2016
ONE DIRECTION!!!!HORRORS!!!!!old don't take away my respect and lifein such a cruel way!
I'm going on vacation to Atlanta, Georgia in a week from today.
                              Thought you should know that
itsMaria13 itsMaria13 Oct 06, 2016
Awwww thats so sweet of her
                              I wish my friends bought me a phone. They all know i don't have one lol
soccerbaby143 soccerbaby143 Nov 07, 2016
True friends tht is me and my bestie when i got her an ipad her face was lit