Yandere Levi x Reader ~ You Belong to me now!

Yandere Levi x Reader ~ You Belong to me now!

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Rhyme By RhymePricefield Completed

You're a normal soldier with plenty of time on your hands. You're admired by all and admired too much by just one person.

Suddenly after the boys become a bit more flirty, your friends start to disappear from left and right. Nobody seems suspicious until you see Captain Levi. 

As for being a clean freak you wonder what the little red stain on his jacket is from.

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vixzie- vixzie- Sep 17, 2017
Nami, I didn't ask for an explanation even though the MC did
And here is when we make the mistake of staying with a yandere. And we lose our dreams. 
                              I always wanted to be.....
Anticreator Anticreator Nov 16, 2017
Levi: *stabs someone, instantly cleans up the mess, resumes being yandere*
AH sorry, but senpai is here to kill you. I probably should keep my bithchy mouth closed.
fallenshadamy fallenshadamy Aug 26, 2017
Oh no. Because Levi definitely doesn't have an obsession over you so that's why your tied up on his couch
Fangirlanime111 Fangirlanime111 Dec 11, 2017
Bruh they ded and I ain’t
                              Wut do you mean you’ll lose meh