I Rejected My Alpha Mate

I Rejected My Alpha Mate

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MysteryGurly By MysteryGurly Updated May 12, 2016

The smell, it smelt, so good, like the woods. I closed my eyes and started walking towards the scent. 

Did mom leave the window open? 
I thought looking around. 

No... she wouldn't she was terrified of being mauled by the werewolves.

I sighed and breathed in the scent before I felt a hand grab me and growl out, the one word that would haunt me forever. Mate.
  Werewolves have taken over the world, they are know superior and the word of them is out. Humans hide in fear, scared of what might happen. Most humans are forced to be turned into werewolves if they disobey the Alpha King.

So what happens when a happens when Hazel, an outspoken, happy, human teen, finds out that's she is mated to the one person she fears. 

She does the easiest thing she can, she rejects him. I mean wouldn't you reject the person who used to beats you in front of your family.

Will Hazel be able to love the person she is meant to? Or will she only be able to see a monster?

  • adventure
  • fear
  • hate
  • love
  • vampires
  • werewolves