LAST FOREVER ━━ peter parker ✔

LAST FOREVER ━━ peter parker ✔

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❝ If you two are destined to be together, love will find its way back to the both of you. ❞ 
- chandni garg


Her story was destined from the start : "The little enchantress from earth shall fight the Mad Titan and the Titan shall led her to the journey of revelation."

The girl, Jennifer Olivia Stark, thought that her 16 th birthday couldn't be worse than this. An alien with a strange ship came to stole one of his father friend's necklace and her father ended up missing to the space with her crush. 

But hold up, the worst thing wasn't there yet.

When she caught a glance of Thanos's blue cold eyes, she could already tell that this is her end. 

Instead of it, the mad titan pulled her so far away from the reality. She was pulled deep down to the unknown place, to the deepest part of her mind. Their encounter opened the door to the place Liv should never entered.

'Take place at Infinity War, Endgame, & FFH
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