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Witch of Love ? (Blackstar x Reader fan fic)

Witch of Love ? (Blackstar x Reader fan fic)

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Niiikooowl~ By Albarn_Evans_ Completed

There are kinds of witches around the Soul Eater Universe. Snake witches,Frog witches,Mouse,Pumpkin,Ice and other kinds. But there's one kind of witch no one ever heard about because of it's rareness. Especially for a witch. Yep,it's the witch of love. Of course,it's you. Even though you are a witch for the so-called "love",you don't know what that word with four letters mean. How would you know if even your parents didn't express love for you ? Yep,being a victim of child-abuse is hard. And because you were still a 10 year old with your magic still locked for your use,a teacher from a certain academy named Stein took care for you for the next 6 years of your life. Then he enrolled you in the DWMA. Still,you being a witch is a secret. But as soon as you took your first step in the academy…


*sigh* Are you gonna be able to do this on your own ?

KCS1405 KCS1405 Jan 01
Yeah ok how it feels. Except I'm not a witch I'm something more...weirder.
                              BLACK PERSON!! *GASP*
                              (Btw I only get made fun of bcuz I basically go to a school full of Mexicans so yuz)
LoveMyPuppy22 LoveMyPuppy22 Sep 22, 2016
O_O. . . I thought hed be one keeping from me to go crazy....
LoveMyPuppy22 LoveMyPuppy22 Sep 22, 2016
*looks down poking both my fingers together having a scarf thats huge and covering my mouth and nose * i... Im s..s... Sorry...  I d.. Didnt mean t.. To
Otaku-Nerd Otaku-Nerd Jan 01, 2016
Steins my dad o.o.... HE DOESNT DISECT ME IN MY SLEEP RIGHT!?!?!!?!?
adrithefallen adrithefallen Oct 09, 2014
i already know the song for this book nightingale  demi lovato
Albarn_Evans_ Albarn_Evans_ Jul 07, 2014
@Night_wolf27 Lol,I made a notice in my recent update in my one-shots book. XD