The Rising

The Rising

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RavenOG_ By RavenOG_ Updated Jul 02

It's just a girl and her Wolf against The Living and The Dead. 
I looked into his deep blue eyes and whispered 'Veet'. 

Immediately he took off, running at full speed towards the Zombies. I followed closely behind, watching out for any others that could come from out of nowhere. 

I look up just in time to see Shadow pounce on the first Zombie. He latched straight onto his back, his teeth ripping into his skull. He pulled the zombie to the ground, and ripped his head clean off. 

Without losing a beat, Shadow latched onto the next zombie, tearing at his leg ripping it straight from its body. The zombie fell to the ground, being unable to balance with just one leg. Again, Shadow ripped at its face, tearing the flesh from its very bones. 

The man stood still, bewildered at what was unfolding in front of him. Just as another zombie lunged towards his throat, I quickly pulled out a knife from one of my many hiding places and threw it clean towards the zombie. It impacting its head within seconds. 

As it's body fell to the floor, my eyes met with the man who had a child clinging to his body. Being this close to him now I could see how unbelievably attractive he was. His bright blue eyes shone in the sunlight, looking almost pale white. His jaw tensed slightly, making it that much more obvious how structured his face was.

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