The Choices We Made (A Brent Rivera Fanfic)

The Choices We Made (A Brent Rivera Fanfic)

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katie jane By completelyjacks Completed

"I've been by your side through everything. are you going to throw that away for some guy you just met?"


Katie and Brent have been best friends since the beginning. always there for each other. 

but when Katie gets into a relationship, does Katie neglect hers and Brent's friendship? 
can they still remain friends, or will they become more than friends? but the one thing going through their minds...

will it all be for nothing?

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qwertysparkles qwertysparkles Jun 12, 2017
Well duh u don't have tatoos. You're not even of legal age yet.😂
Xx_AllyCat_xX Xx_AllyCat_xX Sep 06, 2016
Not mine! He couldn't care less if I turned out to be a SlUt😂
LeoMoody LeoMoody Mar 12, 2016
Seriously? What is she? Is she some kind of transfiguration-kiddo? Ö.o
Bad_Bish_97 Bad_Bish_97 Jul 22, 2015
well, I am not Katie, but Selena, I am 15 not 16 and I have blue eyes not green. I am underweight but completely healthy and I am paler then a bag of flour and add cartilage piercing to.
ShawnyyBoyMendess ShawnyyBoyMendess Jun 25, 2015
I love that you are including Connor Franta (I love him, not in the romantic fangirl way). Also, i like the first chapter!
chrissibeep chrissibeep Mar 24, 2015
This is the 3rd time I'm reading it from the start bc it's so amazing