Dear Cinderella

Dear Cinderella

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Dear Cinderella,


If you are reading this then it means you have found your prince. I have written this letter because I am to be married in exactly one year. I have decided that dropping a letter in a random spot shall be the way I choose my wife. I will not disclose to you who I am, just a simple email address. For it is my duty to find you. So when the day comes that I do find you; I can promise you that I will make you feel like Cinderella. 


Yours truly,

Prince Charming


Ps. my email address is Your_Prince01. Whether you email me or not, the choice is up to you.

This is the letter that eighteen year old Elle Bishop finds under her desk in math. What does it mean, and how is she the one to find it? Will she give into the temptation and email Prince Charming or will she toss the letter and just forget?

reader_in_distress reader_in_distress Jul 30, 2016
My expectations are high...hope it won't disappoint...let's do this
CatastrophicAura CatastrophicAura Dec 15, 2016
He could be a real Prince for all you know. 
                              His Dad (King?) wants him to get married to carry on the legacy and have an heir soon after this Prince.
fulloflife_wani fulloflife_wani Feb 05, 2016
Yeah..weirdo& creepy alert. Guy and fate shouldn't be together in the same sentence.
MysterySoulStealer MysterySoulStealer Aug 07, 2016
Like 90% of people when they grow up out of middle school walk around in Walmart stuff
belieber_zv belieber_zv Mar 30, 2016
My dad is a chef at Ohio and Olive Garden not the same but still he brings us food 😂
ALnADrox ALnADrox Aug 09, 2016
This sounds like what a crazy stalker or a girl pulling a prank on her would say to prevent her from finding out so