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Michela By michh_44 Updated Jul 29, 2019

A short story written for the Red Feather Award Summer 2019 Writing Contest.

(Ex)-Hunter Cayenne's retirement days should've been peaceful. Today, May 23, shall mark her third anniversary of successfully staying undercover at Bali's secluded beach, until two (or several) strangers from Linland - the world beyond the barriers - arrive upon her cottage's doorstep. They inform her of Linland's current chaos - alive woods which destroy the civilizations - and demand her return to solve what the current government has failed to resolve: preventing Nature from preying greedily upon men. 

She wouldn't have returned if it weren't for the fact that those creatures attacked her hometown first, and according to the strangers, left no room for survivors. 

The vengeful Cayenne must relive her wounds once she returns. Fallen-apart relationships must be mended. Broken trust must be sewn back. Her dirty name must be scrubbed clean from the accusations and scandals. Yet, amongst all the miseries that follow her arrival, there's nothing worse than having to save Linland before Nature and its creatures dominate the land, discarding more lifeless materials on their trail. 

There's nothing worse than witnessing or expecting her potential failure.

Cover credit goes to StormRidden and her amazing Mad House Graphics.